About Our Mentor Home Inspection Company

With Hearth and Homes Inspections you will be dealing directly with the owner of the company.

Some companies are multi-inspector firms and that by itself doesn't make  them a bad company, but you are never exactly sure which inspector you are going to end up with to perform your home inspection. You don't know if you will be working with someone who has 15 years of experience or someone who has five years. You may be working with someone who has completed 10, 20 or maybe 50 hours of continuing education or you may be working with someone who doesn't continually educate themselves on the ever changing systems in a house or the house itself.

 You just don't know.

When Hearth and Homes Inspections performs your inspection you can put your mind at ease by knowing that I have over 35 years of experience dealing with homes in Northeast Ohio. I am well aware of how the different seasons affect the house.

In 2019 I had over 200 continuing education hours which surpassed my personal best of 157 continuing education hours which I achieved in 2018. With all of the improvements that are being made with modern technology, it is a necessity for a home inspector to keep themselves as educated and as up to date on all of the changes as possible, it is only fair to the client.